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Home > At Work (at sea) > 2015 11 29Nov to 20Dec Buenos A to Valparaiso

007d - 05Dec Half Moon Bay, Antarctica771 viewsUp on the hill side - Half Moon island.
007d - 05Dec Half Moon Bay, Antarctica180 viewsGetting back to the ship - ready to take our Guests ashore.
007d - 05Dec Half Moon Bay, Antarctica103 viewsTime for the first crew-tour in Antarctica this season.With me are Matthew – I Nyoman – Bianca – Samantha – Joanna. We will not do any landings - only a zodiac tour but we'll find some wildlife!! We're in Antarctica! :)
007d - 05Dec Half Moon Bay, Antarctica76 viewsHere - first stop on the crew tour.....
007d - 05Dec Half Moon Bay, Antarctica78 viewsHere - the 5th. stop on our 1st. crew tour.
007d - 05Dec Half Moon Bay, Antarctica81 viewsSeabourn Quest seen from the crew tour - away from home... Our Lady sure looks good out there - @ anchor outside Half Moon island.
008a - 06Dec - Cierva Cove, Antarctica69 viewsA Very Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen - welcome to Cierva Cove - another area of Antarctica we offer zodiac tours and kayak tours. Looks nice and calm .. (so far).. enjoy
008b - 06Dec - Cierva Cove, Antarctica86 viewsHere the dk 9 TEAM! :) - The birthday-baby Desire' and Sheila hope all onboard are enjoying their cruise with them. They are including best wishes to all back home. :)
008c - 06Dec - Cierva Cove, Antarctica71 viewsScenice stay here today - some weather is moving in.... x-ing fingers here..
008d - 06Dec - Cierva Cove, Antarctica170 viewsStill scenic in here :) Love the green and the blue colors.
008e - 06Dec - Cierva Cove, Antarctica76 viewsKayak tour underway - enjoying there I can see :) - good.
008f - 06Dec - Cierva Cove, Antarctica80 viewsWinds are picking up quite a lot last 30 minutes - we need to cancel our stay and get all people and boats onboard.... sorry - but it can happen down here - very quickly... yes that's right - we are in Antarctica. :)
008g - 06Dec - Cierva Cove, Antarctica92 viewsGood afternoon Alejandro - he and his penguin hope that all onboard are enjoying. Sending Best wishes to all back home as well.
009a - 07Dec - Cuverville Island, Antarctica68 viewsGood Morning ALL! Welcome to Cuverville Island (behind us) - here together with the expedition leader Iggy - hoping all onboard are enjoying their scenic arrangements around Antarctica. We are including Best wishes to friends and families back home. :)
009b - 07Dec - Cuverville Island, Antarctica67 viewsLot of ice approaching the landing area. As you can see - what you see above the water around icebergs is NOT the same "hiding" under the water surface.... Careful..... :) yes we are!
009c - 07Dec - Cuverville Island, Antarctica61 viewsBeautiful little island - beautiful day today it looks like...
009d - 07Dec - Cuverville Island, Antarctica64 viewsLanding area - wildlife etc. Happy to be here.
009e - 07Dec - Cuverville Island, Antarctica104 viewsHere - one of the expedition boyz - Chris - doing similar things that we all do down here... :)
009f - 07Dec - Cuverville Island, Antarctica60 viewsHere on Cuverville Island it is a colony of about 6500 pairs of gentoo penguins, the largest for this species on the Antarctic Peninsula.
009g - 07Dec - Cuverville Island, Antarctica66 viewsHere is Sean (expedition team member) bringing guests ashore. Only way we do landings in Antarctica - zodiacs.
009h - 07Dec - Cuverville Island, Antarctica68 viewsHad to push some ice to get in today.
009i - 07Dec - Cuverville Island, Antarctica73 viewsHere - Luciano having his fender outside (protecting the "boat") :)
010a - 08Dec - Wilhelmina Bay, Antarcica56 viewsVery good morning Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to Wilhelmina Bay @ anchor - inside is the ODD Harbour - previous area for whale flensing and loading of the oil including shelter for bad weather.
010b - 08Dec - Wilhelmina Bay, Antarcica54 viewsNo landings today - but we have Zodiac tours and Kayak arrangement for those who wish to do that - Enjoy u'r day - looks to be a FANTASTIC one.. :)
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