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At Work (at sea)
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000 - Earlier Experiences Seabourn


11 files, last one added on Dec 03, 2015
Album viewed 153 times

Eric Neil Emperio Trust Fund


12 files, last one added on Nov 13, 2007
Album viewed 12277 times

Seabourn Odyssey 2008-2009


97 files, last one added on Dec 18, 2009
Album viewed 2670 times

Seabourn Pride


2 files, last one added on Jul 03, 2012
Album viewed 33672 times

Seabourn Spirit 2009 Dry-Dock


32 files, last one added on Nov 14, 2009
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Seabourn Sojourn


38 files, last one added on Jul 11, 2012
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Memorable Seabourn meetings


13 files, last one added on Jul 13, 2011
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2013 Seabourn Quest Cruising the World on Youtube


20 files, last one added on Dec 18, 2014
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2014 - 11 16 - 28Nov Almere, Netherlands


5 files, last one added on Nov 21, 2014
Album viewed 233 times

2016 08 20Aug-11Sep Dov to Mon


6 files, last one added on Aug 20, 2016
Album viewed 110 times

2016 01 12Jan-03Feb BAires Valparaiso


73 files, last one added on Feb 01, 2016
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2015 12 20Dec 12Jan Valp. to BA


178 files, last one added on Jan 13, 2016
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2015 11 29Nov to 20Dec Buenos A to Valparaiso


102 files, last one added on Dec 21, 2015
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2015 - 09 01 - 21Sep Montr- Montreal


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2015 08 08Aug - 01Sep CPH to Montreal


98 files, last one added on Sep 02, 2015
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Random files
10db - 10Feb Easo, Lifou, New Caledonia203 viewsThere she is - perfect pick-nik area :)
4 - 18g - 17Apr Safaga, Egypt133 viewsAll our stewardesses went over to Odyssey..... "scary" ;-) - good thing - they are all coming back!! :)
15i - 02Jun09 -306 viewsTime for a Morning meeting here - in Hot.Man's office - Cornelia and Ross first ones to arrive.. Good Morning Lady and Gent! Have a gorgeous day! - They too-> Hoping All onboard are nothing but HAPPY :)
51g - 03Dec Marseille, France99 viewsTime for a final bottom inspection - all managers present - (just so we know where to "point" the finger..) :)
08b - 08Aug Piraeus, Greece1182 viewsWelcome onboard Your Seabourn Quest Ladies and Gentlemen. We are all hoping for a happy and memorable cruise together. :) - please remember to click twice on each picture in order to see them in full size and proper colors. This have been done so I can have as many pictures as possible on my website without having to delete any of them.. :)
015c - 25Aug - Nuuk, Greenland74 viewsVery good morning Ladies and Gentlemen - looks like we are in for another sunshine treatment today (in Greenland again) - this time in Nuuk.
16d - 16May At Sea150 viewsWhen closing up - we are talking a few gallons of paint here... and a "message"..?? - beautiful areas cruisng in - enjoy pls :)
23a - 23Nov Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA2163 viewsVery Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen - We are alongside - Ft.Lauderdale in USA. From all of us onboard - we hope you enjoyed our Atlantic crossing together this time - sorry about the first two days... but we then went SOUTH :) and it turned out much better - Thanks for all your support! (fingers and toers) :) For those of you leaving us today, please have a safe trip back home and please come and sail with us again sometime in the near future.
56 - 01aug Poltu Quatu170 views"Post card" - well, just showing a few areas in this beautiful little town.
04h - 14Oct Cap aux- Meules, Quebec, Canada127 viewsNadine, our local agent took me for a quick ride around the islands to see some of the places worth to visit ( 45 minutes all I had.. :) -) Very scenic! Thank you!
15e - 11Feb Cruising Lemaire Channel55 viewsHi there..... sweet..
05b - 05Sep Mahon, Menorca, Spain114 viewsVery scenic sailing into the town of Mahon, Menorca.

Last additions
08f - 20Aug Dover, England87 viewsTo be safely alongside today - I got a tugboat giving us some assistance while alongside. Aug 20, 2016
08e - 20Aug Dover, England88 viewsNow we're talking 50+ knots.... Aug 20, 2016
08d - 20Aug Dover, England81 viewsGetting windier here..... at least 45 knots out there...Aug 20, 2016
08c - 20Aug Dover, England78 viewsBeautiful view down west of the English Channel.Aug 20, 2016
08b - 20Aug Dover, England80 viewsThe white rocks at Dover.Aug 20, 2016
08a - 20Aug Dover, England151 viewsVery good morning ladies and Gentlemen - welcome to Dover and Your Seabourn Quest. Beautiful day - some wind included..Aug 20, 2016
11l - 23Jan Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctica142 viewsOn the way back to the ship we passed this nice peak of an ice-berg. A DAY to Remember! I'm positive - Best day of our cruise! +5deg C/ 43F. WOW! :)Feb 01, 2016
11k - 23Jan Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctica105 views Then we found a small group of Shags birds on a cliff side with chicks - here another nest with slightly older chicks.Feb 01, 2016
11j - 23Jan Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctica109 views Then we found a small group of Shags birds on a cliff side with chicks = photo-oportunities..... - Just a fabulous day!Feb 01, 2016
11i - 23Jan Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctica107 viewshere - left ashore (been here for at least 70 years..) - two boats used for water collecting and delivery to the whaling ships.Feb 01, 2016
11h - 23Jan Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctica113 viewsHere seen through the porthole of Guvernøren - still the anchor-chain in place. 100 years ago this year that she burnt and was grounded here due to big fire onboard. Feb 01, 2016
11g - 23Jan Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctica116 viewsWe had to include the old Norwegian Whale Factory ship SS. Guvernøren on our kayak tour (of course).Feb 01, 2016